Thursday, March 26, 2009

"New" Evidence of Christianity in the Founding Era

New (or is it Old?) Evidence of Christianity in the Founding Era

Today's critics clamor and bluster that America's Framers were secular (i.e., that they were largely atheists, ag nostics, and deists) and that they wanted a secular public square. Relying on this flawed view of history, in recent weeks they not only filed suit to prevent prayers at presidential inaugurations but also to eliminate the National Day of Prayer.

Their argument is effective only if one does not know much about America's history or its Founding Fathers. This is why WallBuilders strives to "present America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage."

Among the recent documents that have come into our possession are two we thought you might find particularly interesting, especially given the current buzz about our &qu ot;non-Christian" foundings.

The first is by Declaration signer and U. S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. It is a legal document executed in 1794 (after the ratification of the First Amendment) when Chase was Chief Justice of the State of Maryland. Notice that a prerequisite for citizenship in that state was a "declaration of belief in the Christian religion."

The second is by Declaration signer and U. S. President Thomas Jefferson. It is an 1807 federal passport (printed in both English and German), allowing the ship Herschel to proceed on its journey to London. Notice that President Jefferson dated the letter "in the year of our Lord Christ" -- language quite distinctive from other Presidents but language that Jefferson chose to use.

These are just a few of the thousands of official governmental documents disproving the modern allegation that America was founded as a secular nation. We hope that you enjoy these tidbits from our remarkably blessed history and that you will share this information with others who might be unfamiliar with America's Godly heritage. (Other documents are posted at

God bless!
David Barton

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